How to Read Your Facebook Messages in Stealth Mode

hide seen status in facebook chat

Social Media has provided us a cool way to communicate and share content with our friends and relatives but it also has created many issues between them.

Facebook is one of the fastest growing social media with over 1.39 billion active users (December 31, 2014). This means that over 1 billion users use Facebook daily to contact their loved ones. But is it good?

Facebook Chat

Facebook chat is one of the most useful feature of the social media that helps the users to instantly get a recipe of the meal they are cooking from their mother or get help over a work that they are caught in. Facebook has started a Super Stalker Feature™ “Seen” in its chat box which tells the sender of the message about whether the recipient has viewed the message or not. This feature may do good but it also does bad as well.

Suppose your girlfriend has sent you a message on Facebook and you have seen it. You are about to reply to the message but something happens and you weren’t able to reply to message on time. What happens then? Fight!! You may explain to her about why you haven’t replied but after a long fight.

If you are thinking of a way to get over this “seen” problem then look no further and follow the below tutorial to avoid this fight next time.

How To Make Seen Facebook Messages Appear Unseen

“Unseen” previously known as “Facebook Unseen” is a very useful plugin for Google Chrome browser, which upon activation will let you see messages while appearing unseen on sender’s chat box. Just head over to this link to get the extension. After adding the extension to chrome, click the blue messenger icon on the top right of plugin bar. The icon will appear blue when it is active and gray when it is not.



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