Android 8.1 Preview 2 Fixes Google Emoji Designs

Google Glass emoji

There something wrong with this Emoji!!

Google is known for doing things the right way but some people had noticed something wrong with the Emojis used in Android 8.1

The news is actually funny but absurd as well due to the fact that this mistake was made by one of the top tech company in the world i.e., Google. If you look at the Burger Emoji, you can see that the cheese is below the Burger patty which is wrong from the star. It should be above burger patty.

Google burger emoji

Bear Glass emoji was also wrong. The glass showed massive foam on the head even though the glass was half empty. Same was the case with one having two bear glasses. Google decided to fix this blunder in Android 8.1 preview 2 update. Now the cheese emoji doesn’t has lines running through its holes.

Google cheese emoji

Even though this is not a huge problem. but food lovers on top of Android lovers take it too seriously. Let us know what you think about this blunder.

Source: EmojiPedia


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