10 Tech Life Hacks You should Know

These 10 Tech Life Hacks will make your life much easier and you feel like a boss.

1. Use different color ear-tips to differentiate Left and Right.

Tech Life Hacks

2. User a know to differentiate left and right earphone.

Tech Life Hacks

3. Boost your smartphone volume by putting it in a cup.

Tech Life Hacks

4. Pin your important tab.

Tech Life Hacks

5. Attach stylus to zipper to use your phone in cold while wearing gloves.

Tech Life Hacks

6. Use legos to hold things.

Tech Life Hacks

7. Find a delicious recipe to make with ingredients that you have on Supercook.

Tech Life Hacks

8. Hide money in your phone case and use it in emergency.

Tech Life Hacks

9. use Velcro to secure your laptop charger.

Tech Life Hacks

10. Use a hanger to hang notes with Laptop while working with both.

tech life hack

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